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Rockwood improves outcomes using paradigm-shifting innovation research and concept design technology in conjunction with online social communities Our implementations emphasize "people aspects" of market operations that can be overlooked or neglected when emphasis is on products and product value.  Instead, we make technology, processes and procedures perform en concert and stay that way as times change.  We also help to make the same pioneering technologies that we use available to other innovators.

Primary services facilitate the creation, assessment and delivery of ideas, insight and innovation.  We focus on the road ahead avoiding potholes and disappointment as we lead in applying and marketing pioneering technology that makes market research and product development more valuable to innovators.

Typical projects improve the collection, processing, protection and use of information that organizations and their customers depend upon.   Our new Outcome Improvement Products and Services acquaint executive and employee audiences with the basics of product development and management, new product introduction, product lifecycle management, data protection, risk management, compliance, emergency preparedness and response, and health-related topics.  We work interactively within a collaborative environment that increases morale and team spirit.  An optional business case module addresses improved decision-making skills including accountability, cost management, and value propositions.  Our engagements showcase innovative products, and are customizable and supported with follow-on consulting/mentoring.

Common sense images, integrity and behavior: In today's difficult times, managements are constantly under the gun from media watchdogs. Why allow suspicions of impropriety to fire up those who could falsely feel wronged.  Things done innocently or considered to be common place, can be taken out of context and exploited under emotional conditions.   If not anticipated, recognized, confronted honestly and defused, perceptions can prove devastating and detract from substantial marketing, advertising and public relations investments. 

Different choices: Either research and craft decisions from the start or obtain second opinions and sanity checks.  With our help, clients anticipate what is likely, address worst case scenarios and enable employees and stakeholders to adequately prepare for challenges and opportunities. We make sure that emotions are separate from decision-making to assure highest quality results.  Then we concentrate on efforts that help organizations to introduce and sustain improvements.  We enable creation, use, protection and recovery of information and other assets that is more effective, accomplishing more with less, increasing revenues and cutting costs.  Our affordable approach, developed for large businesses, serves organizations of all sizes.

Applied technology is a big factor in growing revenues, controlling costs, and improving operations.  Introduced carefully, technology makes a significant difference in the success of any business.  We improve its application, usability and performance.  We update processes and improve the return on under-utilized assets.  Merged companies recognize benefits from our help in integrating and eliminating overlapping and redundant systems.  Employees and suppliers work as well-functioning teams to introduce change into business operations.  We bridge the communications gap between consumers who need better solutions and innovative companies with new products that exploit synergies of emerging technologies.

What to expect: Better communications and increased customer satisfaction;  special skills, not needed full-time;  meeting governmental mandates and reporting requirements; protecting investor confidence; avoiding identity and data theft;  maximizing total value.  You've come to the right place.


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