Like a car that runs when a key is turned, we endeavor to make everything as simple and convenient to use as possible.

With its emphasis on Outcome Improvement, Rockwood Management Services offers a menu of varied, yet integrated, services for planning, selection, customization, integration and use of products and technologies.  We incorporate options that make the greatest difference in total value reflecting convenience, productivity and effectiveness. 

Each service is designed to support business processes in ways that:

  • Maximize revenues and control costs

  • Manage risks associated with business interruption & litigation

  • Avoid compromising and losing valuable, proprietary information

  • Promote customer satisfaction

  • Increase employee awareness

  • Enhance investor confidence

  • Meet government mandates.


Our objective is to help customers use new, improved and emerging products and technologies throughout their operations. We also support all processes with real-time business intelligence that makes better, more complete and informed decisions.

We have grouped our services into the following broad categories.

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A key service of Rockwood Management Services . . . .  we consider sound planning to be mandatory to getting projects off on the right foot.  Following are indicative of the elements that are involved.

Strategies and Tactics -  Need help preparing Business Cases and all the supporting details?  You have come to the right place.  We can start from scratch or provide second opinions, testing the logic and assumptions on which a case was based.  We will test strategies and tactics, suggest alternatives and help you consider all the implications.

Project Planning and Management - We build sound project management methodologies and reporting into each of our projects.  When we do not offer all of the expertise or resources for the total project, we develop requirements, assess prospective vendors and proposals, and serve as liaison with providers to assure on-time performance that meets your needs. Our understanding of your business and the obstacles typically faced by providers enables us to maximum on-time and cost performance.

Security and Business Continuity - Included across all our services, we incorporate "best practices" that will safeguard costly, proprietary information and minimize interruption and losses in the event of the unforeseen.  Information is a highly valued resource that needs to be protected from accidental or deliberate loss.  We prepare for the unexpected and meet the challenges that can lead to business failure in today's uncertain world.  Whether simple backups and virus protection or encryption and biometric authentication are required, we make recommendations and put processes in place for peace of mind.



Our development services represent the first step in turning plans into reality.  Work includes identifying practical alternatives and detailing all the elements that must come together for a successful implementation.  Included below are examples of the development scenarios that we support.

Custom Business Solutions - We facilitate the preparation and sharing of information needed to run a business, enhance the productivity of decision-makers, and communicate more easily with customers and employees. We offer special experience planning and developing systems that support customer relationship management, consultant liaison programs, media monitoring and analysis, help desks, direct marketing, sales operations, governmental record-keeping and reporting, and personnel placement and training . . . to name a few. We develop databases that support customers, sales, and support personnel with information and specifications on product and service offerings, answers to commonly asked questions and feedback on sales successes and failures. Our contact center solutions include expert systems that zero in on the correct responses to customer inquiries as well as information bases that build on knowledge gained from researching prior questions thereby increasing productivity in diverse business operations.

Databases and Websites - It's not just data anymore.  Information is multimedia, voice, data, and video and soon will interact with all the senses.  Our process starts with a thorough analysis of information needs and mapping of data flows and user interaction at customer "touch points."  We make sure that the business plan reflects all the likely outcomes.  Solutions are then developed that promote efficient business operations, often including use of The Web to collect and deliver information to diverse internal and customer audiences.  We offer hands-on experience developing databases using products popular today, e.g., Microsoft Access and SQL Server, and older products that may still be in use like FoxPro and dBase.

Business Processes - Using a problem-solving approach, our specialists analyze and update on-going business operations as well as implement business startups. For example, reduction of ordering intervals and "time to manufacture" by introducing product design and sales data in an integrated, efficient, real-time process.  New technology is applied that assures better service and personalized responses to customer requirements. Services include conducting baseline studies, planning and implementing change, and assessing results using your business metrics.

Procedure Automation - We provide productivity enhancement tools that leverage the knowledge and skills of specialists in any field. Examples include help desks, direct marketing, order configuration and sales support.



We help you manage and control all of the elements that must come together at the right times to assure a successful implementation of your plans.  Following are topics that impact a successful implementation or enhance its success.

Technology -  Superior, secure systems for information, communications, operations . . . . We have grown up with a wide variety of powerful technologies in common and emerging use to facilitate today's and tomorrow's businesses in a multimedia world.  Technology is the facilitator that enhances the preparation, dissemination and use of business intelligence.  We help you manage the evolution of technology and select new ones when the time is right.  A key focus is emerging products and technologies for privacy and information security.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Support -  When there is a project requiring outside suppliers, we work with you to turn your needs into requirements and specifications that can be communicated to the prospective vendors interested in pursuing your business.  We manage your RFP process for you and help you select the winning bidder offering the best products and services for your needs.

Training and Documentation - Look to us for customized training and documentation that is based on the tasks you and your personnel need to perform. We focus on the individual and use interactive, multimedia Internet and CDROM-based solutions that are designed to provide "just in time" training without wasting time on learning details and acquiring skills that will never be used.

Mobile Computing and Telecommuting - You will be able to take your full office services, including the power of the Internet, with you wherever you go. Sales organizations realize big sales gains from having an informed, professional, aggressive sales force that is responsive and better equipped to meet customer needs and answer customer questions. We study business operations, suggest process improvements and add computerized tools that increase productivity.

Paperless Resources and Communications - Replace outdated, cumbersome paper references with powerful, cost-effective, electronic media. Use the power of the Internet to facilitate interaction with customers and help them find answers to their own questions. Provide product application and support information, pricing and availability data, and general company information in creative ways that promote timely accessibility. Then collect feedback electronically about your customers and their experiences with you and your business.



RMS Outsourcing Services are designed for the company that does not have, or want to have, all the internal resources to operate each and every business function for itself.  We especially recommend them for companies that are experiencing growth and need supplemental resources, have downsized and are short-handed in some areas, or find functions that need to be done, but that do not fit their business model.  Most of our outsourcing services fall under the following categories.

Information Collection, Analysis, Presentation and Delivery - Our researchers are skilled in the collection, analysis and use of the diverse body of information needed to run any business.  We know where to find it, what it means, and how to use it to greatest advantage.  

We help you learn and respond better to the needs of your customers as they interact with you and your business. We design questionnaires, collect and analyze data and present results in concise, easy-to-read formats that are tailored to each intended audience. Our studies typically involve measuring customer satisfaction, profiling business processes, determining needs and interests, and identifying internal/external information requirements. Work frequently includes competitive analysis, strategic planning and assistance in managing change in a dynamic business environment.

Included in this category are preparation of marketing collaterals, operation and administration of databases (e.g., customer, employee, company assets, environmental health and safety), preparation of newsletters, market research, and various types of fulfillment.

Procurement -  We are skilled at finding products and services to meet the needs of the typical business.  Tell us what you need and we will find it at a fair and decent price, arranging delivery when and where it is needed.

Business Events  -  Need to host a conference, a golf event, entertain a customer, participate in a tradeshow?  We take the guesswork out of site selection, travel arrangements, menus, awards, transportation and setup of displays,. . . . . . . , all the details that can make or break a successful activity.

Negotiations - Whether looking for a new plant location, interested in acquiring another business, or are merely too remote to handle all the details requiring face-to-face interaction, we take care of the details for you.  Interested in avoiding media attention?  We serve as your surrogate to assure privacy and avoid tipping off your competition.  We will arrange for the engineering, legal and logistical reviews and assure proper due diligence.

Interim Executives - Sudden loss of key personnel can cause serious difficulties until openings can be advertised, applicants identified and screened, and candidates selected and hired.  When gaps cannot be tolerated and business cannot wait, we will meet needs on a temporary basis.  We are also available to ask the right questions, within legal limitations, to help you select the best candidates and save your time for other responsibilities.

Local Representatives - If your business is too remote to serve its customers properly,  please check with us.   We or a member of our growing network of associates and affiliates are available to help.  We will make sure that your customers receive your same level of service and support that they need and expect.  You will not need to worry about things that are beyond your control and wonder what is happening.  



The above listing provides a conceptual flavor. It is not intended to be complete and changes daily as the needs of our clients change and our expertise grows. You are invited to discuss your special needs with us.

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