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ROCKWOOD MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a strategic management and technology consultancy, specializing in Outcome Improvement, that was founded in 1989 by Tom Rockwood.  RMS offers broad-based business process development services and helps its clients apply leading-edge technology to improve business operations, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and protect valued customer and company information and other assets.  Projects include support systems that facilitate more informed decisions and improve and increase the inter-disciplinary flow of information throughout an organization. 

We provide specialists with skills in developing solutions that turn information into business intelligence that allows clients to work smarter and more efficiently to gain strategic advantages.  Intuitive, user-friendly, technology-based systems facilitate and improve marketing, sales and customer service. We also conduct cost-benefit and analytical studies, conduct research, and develop diverse database, multimedia and Internet applications. Other data/information projects facilitate strategic planning, human resources, training and entertainment, environmental control, manufacturing, and advertising and public relations.

From a technology point of view, we have worked with Windows-based PCs, Macintosh computers and the Internet since their infancy. The solutions that we develop are either standalone or integrated with other systems and, where practical, are customized from off-the-shelf components to save time and money. We specialize in delivering capabilities, usually incorporating Microsoft products, that are not only functional, but highly intuitive to minimize startup and training requirements. Our database and Web-based applications increasingly support electronic commerce and tele-workers that interact in highly mobile, wireless environments and need to interact and keep informed in real-time..

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