New business opportunities for innovators, researchers and designers

Together with global partners, we are bringing long overdue next generation Innovation Design Research to the North American Market.  It is bringing Six-Sigma process improvement to Innovation, and is designed to attack performance issues of New Product Development that accounts for tons of money wasted and profits lost when consumers are disappointed, not turned on, and fail to buy new products and services that designers thought were going to be successful and possibly even blockbusters.

A brief introduction to the technology is provided in the image to the right.  For your convenience, we have  linked the image to a PDF file that can be saved and printed. 

We have tentatively branded the nascent business behind the new technology with the InnoLigne logo.  Rockwood has been active helping to recruit business partners, investors and early adopters in both client and market research companies.  These are the ones who are building the market, providing necessary experience and training, servicing customers and enjoying the competitive advantage of having a head start.  In the process, just as with a voyage of discovery, there have been new found applications and techniques that are adding unexpected value to the technology, even beyond online applications.

To learn about the theory behind the technology and to participate in this exciting market introduction, please contact us.

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