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The work that we perform reflects consulting best practices and expertise. Our objective is to provide the best possible services to our customers.  Primary specialties are:

ANTICIPATING AND USING TECHNOLOGY -  Building the systems for information, communications, operations . . . . We have grown up with a wide variety of powerful technologies in common and emerging use to facilitate today's and tomorrow's businesses in a multimedia world.  Technology is a focus area of our consulting expertise.  Our expertise ranges from databases to biometrics, speech recognition, and imaging, to name a few.

We forecast changes in information technology that will make systems work even better in the future. We also monitor the rapidly evolving power structure in the information technology industry to assure continuing availability of support and enhancements for all products and services that we select for our clients.

RESEARCH -  Finding, collecting and using information effectively and efficiently is another key attribute of our expertise.  We not only know where to find information, but are familiar with the diverse types and nomenclature associated with different disciplines.

PLANNING AND ANALYSIS - A good plan is essential to good implementation. We spend the time needed to establish a good foundation for your project.  We assure that plans

consider emerging technologies and are consistent with business plans and objectives. Work includes interviewing participants, including customers, studying the business environment, investigating competition, government requirements and interests and concerns of the investment community.

HELPING JUSTIFY PROJECTS AND ASSESSING RESULTS - Using appropriate investment criteria, we analyze each project's economic and financial benefits both before and after work is accomplished.  We help you avoid under- or over-funding of your projects and help gain the support of those ultimately responsible.

IMPROVING OPERATING PROCEDURES - We develop process changes that enhance the introduction of new systems instead of merely mechanizing an existing, often outdated, manual process.  We make sure that all participants in the implementation both support and are trained in upgraded roles and responsibilities.

BRIDGING THE COMMUNICATIONS GAP - We frequently find that communications can play a major role in the success or failure of a project.  Where a project involves changes in technology, we facilitate communications between our clients and hardware and software providers. In doing so, we help protect client interests and meet project objectives.

AUGMENTING INTERNAL RESOURCES - We supplement the skills of our clients' employees to focus on specific business problems, becoming the staff that is not required full-time. In other instances, we play an oversight role and provide supplemental input to decision-makers. We encourage long-term business relationships with our clients where their employees learn from us as projects proceed.

OUTSOURCING THE DETAILS - We serve as the member of the project team that keeps track of the details and assures good follow-through. We oversee systems engineering and design, hardware and software selection, site planning and preparation, installation, troubleshooting, training, and development of task-oriented documentation. For some projects we satisfy all needed requirements ourselves; for others, we find and manage outsourcing relationships.  

When projects have progressed to the operational stage, we offer on-going operational and administrative support on an outsourcing basis.  This includes operation of databases for customers using our own facilities and conducting research and preparing information to facilitate on-going operations, many of which are in support of customers.

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