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We are a virtual company that manages teams of senior-level consultants.  We continually look for new people and organizations that would like to work with us.  You are cordially invited to consider membership in our network as an affiliate or contractor. 

Desired Expertise/Capabilities

The following listing identifies backgrounds, skills and interests that we are especially interested in.

  • Marketing, sales, and customer service experience and education.

  • Superior analytical and communications skills.
  • Experience in the application, use, and support of computer and telecom systems/products
  • Special knowledge and experience with biometrics and identity and access control solutions
  • Internet and related technical/business expertise.
  • Entrepreneurial, business building expertise.
  • International/global business experience, multi-lingual (English is minimum requirement), contacts, . . , all are valued.

Working Together

There are no hard and fast rules. We are interested in creative business relationships that meet and satisfy everyone's needs. Our only minimum standard is for there to be WIN-WIN opportunities all around.

In some cases, affiliates bring us work or we bring them work. Commissions apply in certain instances. In others, we work jointly on projects with the lead company, usually the one bringing in the work, handling the paperwork and paying the others as contractors for work performed.

Joining Our Network

If you are interested in joining our network, please send us information about yourself. Resumes, company brochures, business cards, personal profiles, references, all are useful and appreciated. In addition, we also require a brief description of your goals and objectives and how you feel they would be realized by establishing a working relationship with us.

Communicating With Us

Please send all inquiries to Mr. Tom Rockwood at the postal address shown on this page.  Be specific and be sure to include your e-mail address for our response. You may also call or send brief questions via e-mail (text-only with no attachments please) to: tomr@rockwood.com

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