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Meet Our President, Tom Rockwood

Tom Rockwood, president of Rockwood Management Services, is a long-time New Jersey resident with roots in the U. S. mid-West and Suriname, South America. An honors graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration (Accounting) and Mechanical Engineering, Tom began his career at the Homestead Works of United States Steel near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in production planning and plant engineering.

Offered a better opportunity, Tom moved his family to the New York City area where he joined what was the Western Electric Company, the manufacturing arm of AT&T's Bell System as a development engineer for telephone central office equipment. His career in engineering continued to responsibilities for appropriations management, plant design & construction, environmental controls, occupational health & safety, and energy & resource conservation.  Later he added strategic planning, technical marketing,  sales process development and support services including customer satisfaction measurement, database development and consultant liaison.


Along the way, Tom acquired an MBA (corporation finance) from New York University where he gained insight and ideas from such notables as Peter Drucker.  Tom's consulting expertise has grown over the years from varied internal assignments within the communications and information technology industry and his own consulting firm, which he founded in 1989. 

Tom's work stresses the analytical and problem solving.  He incorporates the design, development and implementation of business processes with information technologies that take advantage of the Internet and databases to facilitate customer service and support. He also aids others in his industry to share information and network with others to seek opportunities.  In 2005, Tom became a founding member of a firm to help introduce biometrics to improve identity and access controls and data security.  More recently he has been devoting his time an innovation technology startup whose first application is for the institutional foodservice industry.

Personally speaking, Tom is married with two grown children and two grandsons. His wife Janet plays an essential role in the business. Both enjoy travel, especially to the Caribbean, sports, theater, and good times with family and friends. Then there is reading. Tom reads extensively, primarily to keep informed about new technology and innovations for clients.

"It's not work all the time. Here is Tom Rockwood enjoying a favorite vacation spot in the Caribbean."