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Merge, acquire, collaborate, partner, share

These are all ways that we help our clients to grow and improve their businesses.  Often the best, most innovative solutions result from the synthesis of multiple concepts and ideas.  It takes lots of time and effort to pull things together in ways that are workable and cost-effective.  Even large organizations are finding it hard to do everything themselves.  They are finding creative ways to share expertise for the common good.  They are sharing efforts with a broad spectrum of partners from all points of the globe including governments, educational institutions, customers and even competitors. 

Mergers and acquisitions, too, provide the economies of scale necessary to support trials and controlled introductions of new products and technologies.  Having a larger user base helps to spread the load and realize benefits with greater overall value.

What is the best way to get started?  There is probably no right or wrong way for everyone or every situation.  However, here are a few things to consider. 

·          Identify the biggest challenges that you face.  This sounds easy, but can be difficult.  Some people, some organizations, have been subjected to problems and shortcomings for so long that they accept them as facts of life.  They believe that they are doing the best that can be expected and resign themselves to a status quo.  These can represent the greatest opportunities for improvement.  For example, many professionals spend countless hours on tasks that should be assigned to lower paid employees or replaced with automated systems.  After all, wouldn’t an interactive voice response system that acts like a real person improve the productivity and effectiveness of your phone calls?  And, don’t be too surprised if a robotic nurse answers your call button one of these days. Solutions like these will soon be commonplace.  Why not start investigating them now?  And get others to help.

·          Who else could be interested in helping?  Put everyone down on a list of candidates even if you think that they won’t be interested.  We help, too.  It can be surprising how long the list will be and how interested others will be in getting your help, too.  In addition, trade associations may already working on solutions to your problems or vendors may like a candidate to trial products that have not been released to the marketplace.  Trials are great; you can expect lots of free assistance and support that will not be available later on.

·          Set expectations and decide how to approach those on your list.  Are you looking for an informal relationship or would it be better to consider a merger or acquisition\?  It can be helpful to see what others are interested in before making up your own mind.

Fresh ideas are important.  We stimulate ideas, set priorities, organize the results and make plans for subsequent action and follow-through.  We provide management support and help to assure that details are not overlooked.

Conducting due diligence and negotiating.  Keeping things quiet.  We bring a broad range of skills and capabilities together to assure successful conclusions.  We conduct all aspects of the effort in ways that maintain confidentiality until the parties are ready to make the appropriate announcements.

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