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Whether through technology, processes, procedures or just plain common sense, we have a proven track record of helping get more out of less.  Our initiatives assist our clients to comply with governmental mandates, find and adopt paradigm shifting products and technologies and combine innovative ideas to reflect improved design and operating practices.

Greater total-value is realized as our physical and logical (cyber) worlds converge for real-time automation, integration and efficiencies.  Building systems including HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) can now be monitored and controlled from the same dashboard consoles that are used for administering access to buildings and data networks.

With better, real-time controls comes a better understanding of usage.  This added intelligence facilitates better planning and use of resources thereby improving our ability to use them more wisely and efficiently.  It enables us to determine where our greatest attention and conservation efforts should be applied and contributes to efforts to reverse global warming and helps to offset escalating energy costs.

Although the technical aspects of conservation are essential, no one should overlook the impact of people and processes.  Everyone has a role to play.  We assure that awareness, motivation and training are reflected in every project implementation.

Typical engagements begin with audits and assessments, proceed to planning and analysis, solution development, product and vendor selection, and project management.  Efforts conclude with change management and verification that all objectives have been met successfully.   We apply the same level of professional excellence to energy and resources that we use for all of our other service offerings.

We pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on affordability, value received and timeliness.  Good results do not always require the most elegant and costly approach.  For example, painting a dark roof a lighter color can go along way toward reducing air-conditioning requirements and the CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

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