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Business Intelligence

We don't just build data repositories, we conduct research, collect data and populate them with the right information to assure better decision-making.

Our data collection methods include:

  • Mail, Internet and telephone surveys

  • Focus groups
  • Internet research

Data is stored in our databases where it is accessible to everyone who needs it. We design and build the infrastructure that facilitates tasks and supports diverse business processes with appropriate information.  Examples include:

  • Customer interest profiles

  • Customer satisfaction feedback/measurement
  • Competitor/competitive intelligence
  • Broad market data
  • Product/service comparisons
  • Employee satisfaction feedback/measurement
  • Cost/traffic/usage information
  • Operating performance data

Finally, our information is used to formulate plans that recognize customer needs and concerns, challenges of the business environment, and the demands and expectations of the investment community. 

What we collect helps drive strategic initiatives that enhance business success.